About The Artist

Dennis St. Pierre is currently a student working on a Masters of Fine Arts in Intermedia Studies at University of Maine, in Orono. This is a compilation site of his work within this program.

Most if not all of my work crosses over into many forms of art, hence it is “Intermedia”. Print works become performance walks or Fluxus scores, performances are multimedia in nature which are than developed into films, walking works engage in sound “concret”, photographic or sculptural engagements, theater goes beyond entertainment and becomes an engagement of a total mind and body experience via connections outside the norms of the theater environ introducing; physical sensory constructs of smell, touch, taste, sound and sight with neuro-scientific and environmental influences tied into each movement within the work.

Artist’s do not don just one hat ie. “I am a painter, a photographer, a performer…”. Today, as in the past artists have always been encouraged to encapsulate within their work, the tools and influences of many crossover constructs and ideas. As an Artist, it is imperative to engage inside and outside of the Art world into other worlds like science ,cyber, philosophy, religion, mathematics, etc… to gather material and pertinent information for our creations. This investigation and creative process provides for more enriching journeys and experiences benefiting both artists and observer.

Hence I work as an “Intermedia” artist with a focus on art and life as Theater.

My art practice is primarily focused on Theater as an Intermedia Art Form. I believe theater exists everywhere and is the basis of all art, all work and all play in life. My artistic practice attempts to infuse Interactivity within Interdisciplinary Artforms that support my belief.

Artist Statement: As an artist it is my intent to create that which inspires, questions, creates awareness, educates, invokes an emotional response or creates a new experience for the participant and most importantly enriches the lives of those viewing or interacting with my work.

The body of my work is focused primarily on interactive engagements that investigate; space, time, humor, impermanence, infinity, flux and perceived reality. Investigations of social, behavioral, natural environs and physical norms are all impacting factors.

I create impermanent and perceived permanent manifestations through series of physical, meditative and ritualistic genres that attempt to interpret exchanged moments, cycles, passages, references and questions relating to the significance and purpose of being human.

Feel free to peruse the pages within this site to see some examples of my work.

“Life can influence the creation of very good theater and very good art. Rituals, daily life, work and play should be investigated deeply to create Living Theater, but when theater tries to emulate living instead of engaging in the act of living itself, it becomes deadly!”

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